Check out our huge range of bikes, scooters and unicycles, we have something for everyone!

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  • BMX

    BMX bikes are usually smaller, heavy duty bikes made from Hi-tensile steel or chromoly and designed for the skate park or dirt  jumping, but with no suspension.  However, there are also BMX race bikes which are very light, and sometimes made from alloy and are designed for getting around a BMX track as fast as possible!

  • Hybrid bikes, as we commonly call them, are mostly designed for riding on the road or smooth dirt trails and paths.  They are usually more effective on the road with their smoother tyres.  We also have 'Comfort' bicycles in this category for leisure riding.

  • Kid's bikes.  It all starts here!  We have a wide range of kid's bikes including the 'Run Bikes' (without pedals) for your next junior cyclist!  Kid's bikes range from 12 inch wheels up to 24 inch wheels.

  • Mountain bikes are designed for people that are wanting to get off road, away from the traffic, and into the hills and trails.  We have a large and varied range of mountain bikes available to suit all riding styles and budgets.

    Just select below from your most suited style of riding, or alternatively wheel size.

  • In here we have a selection of different road orientated bikes, most with drop bars designed for racing.

  • There are many different scooter options available from UFO folding scooters to adult sized scooters with 12", 16" & 20" wheels.  Please phone to enqure.  We usually have a Unicycle or two on the floor for those that are keen enough to try it out!