Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are designed for people that are wanting to get off road, away from the traffic, and into the hills and trails.  We have a large and varied range of mountain bikes available to suit all riding styles and budgets.

Just select below from your most suited style of riding, or alternatively wheel size.

  • Beginner bikes usually have the same frame as a cross country bike but are aimed at the beginner cyclist for a taste of what mountain biking has to offer.

  • Cross Country bikes are bikes that are usually aimed at racing.  They are lightweight, pedal efficiently and have quick handling, aimed at getting the rider from 'A' to 'B' as quickly as possible, with minimum effort.  Most Cross Country bikes offer 100mm-120mm of suspension travel.

  • Trail bikes are used for a variety of terrain.  They are usually the best choice for a wide range of riders. Trail bikes still pedal efficiently but offer a more relaxed sitting position and more suspension travel for singletrack and all day riding.  The frames and components are usually more durable, as lightweight is not a total priority.  Most bikes in this category have 120-160mm suspension travel.

  • All Mountain mountain bikes are the workhorse category of mountain bikes.  An all mountain bike is built to handle almost everything a rider will run into on a full day of riding.  The all mountain category consists mostly of bikes with six or more inches of travel.  While they are designed to climb hills efficiently, they are generally heavier and a bit more stout that a typical trail bike.

  • Downhilling usually involves very high speeds over dangerous and technical terrain.  They are all about performance, especially suspension performance and are not generally built to go up hill.  These bikes are built to go down hill as fast as possible, whatever it takes!

  • Big air, skate parks and dirt jumps come to mind in this category.  Bikes that are built with strong frames, wheels and cranksets, designed for jumping and having a lot of all round fun.

  • 26" wheels are the tried and proven performing wheel size...Until now. Recent times has seen a dramatic amount of reserch & design into 29" and most recently 27.5" (650b) tyres, all in aid of making cycling more enjoyable for me and you.

  • The all new 27.5" wheels sit on a totally re-designed frame optimized for the 27.5" (650b) wheels.  This bike is in-between the 26" and 29" wheeled mountain bikes.  The 27.5" wheels offer improved traction and rollover when compared to the 26" but does not have the travel limitations that the 29" wheels do for those tighter, more technical rides.

  • 29ers are becoming a very popular alternative to the standard 26" wheeled mountain bike.  They are usually aimed at the 'Cross Country" market with 100mm full suspension or hardtail options, though as time goes on more "Trail" orientated options are becoming available.  Their larger wheels offer a smoother ride and carry momentum and speed on the flat.