Mountain Bikes - Full Suspension

Please phone on 03 547 6758 or email The Cycle Shop regarding availability of models.

The Cycle Shop has a range of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes to offer. When viewing these sites please ensure that you select the New Zealand flag for more accurate availability.

We currently stock the following brands:

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Norco Bicycles

Norco Bicycles is a Canadian company founded in 1964 with the idea of getting more people on bicycles. They are now found in more than 25 countries. Theses are reliable bikes that take you up the climbs with ease and gets you down the trails in a flash.

scott s bikes.jpg

Scott Sports

Scott’s mountain bikes are the weapons of choice for many top level riders from around the world. Not only for good riders but for anyone who wants to be on a bike. You can be a cross country enthusiast, a trail lover, an enduro devotee, a crazy downhiller or a fan of electric mountain bikes, you will find the perfect MTB in this range.

GT Bikes.jpg

GT Bikes

There is nothing like the feeling of your wheels hitting the dirt, digging every nub of tread into the hard earth and propelling you forward. When you glide effortlessly over any terrain, you feel truly alive. These moments are brought to you by the GT Full Suspension Mountain lineup.